Not quite a DD yet...but he's working on it.

Davy tells the audience he's feeling a bit like Pamela Anderson.

Davy closes his shirt after flashing everyone.

Just say no. Say no to speedos!

Um...please put on a shirt.

It's just SCARY!!

Be sure to send me anymore man boob pics and I'll add them to this page!

Davy Jones' Man Boobs!!!
The Later Years
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The Later Years

When it got scarier!!

Davy shows the audience his GIANT bra! Photo courtesy of NHTork.


From the Frodis Capers

You want me to draw a bra? Why?

Which is scarier, the man boobs or the mullet??

Davy reads the tag pinned on the bra: "Hope this fits! From all your fans." Courtesy of NHTork.

Photo courtesy of NHTork.

Davy likes to count his gray chest hairs.

What bra size do you think I need? Photo courtesy of The Other David Jones.